Special material

for shoe repair shop

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Width: 1.4 mm.

Finishing: one smooth surface and one sanded surface.

Size: 8 cm x 120 cm.

Abrasiveness index: approximately 180.


Special contact glue for all types of material except PVC and TPU, for which it is suitable if a thin adhesive layer is applied to the shoe’s repair area. This area is covered with the material, which must then be allowed to dry for 12 hours, after which the area can be worked on as usual, i.e. applying a thin layer on either surface and repairing according to instructions for use. Machine washable with cold water using a short cycle for all types of textile footwear, reversed skin, leather, rubber and plastic materials. Always follow instructions of use, according to the shoe’s material.

Como vender punteras footbrake

Great resistance

Wide variety of colors

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